Hey, I’m Laura, your Business Support Recruitment Specialist. Let me be clear though, I’m not your regular recruiter, I do things a little differently around here!

Founder of ElevateOne, with over 8 years industry experience in Australia and UK. Why am I different from other recruiters? I PUT PEOPLE FIRST!

That’s right, there are no KPI’s in my world, meaning I can work with less clients and spend more time and attention on matchmaking your business and job opportunity with the best people, saving you so much time by not having to worry about advertising, reading through hundreds of cv’s, conducting initial interviews, shortlisting and referencing. And let’s not forget the endless time spent following up and chasing people!

Why else am I different? Well, I don’t have a database of historic cv’s! Why? Because every single business and job role are different, so I start from the beginning and recruit someone specifically for your business and the opportunity at that time. I have a large network and resources to scout your next perfect employee who will be pivotal in assisting with your business growth.

As I said your employees are pivotal to your business growth, and your business will thrive having the right employees. Hiring at the right time and having a structured, clear onboarding process will set them up to succeed.

Typical roles I recruit for: Receptionist, Administrator, Accounts & Payroll, Personal Assistant, Executive Assistant. If it’s business support or office support then I can help you!